Cornerstones of Successful Dog Training

1.    Physical Exercise
All dogs need good physical exercise every day.  This can be in the form of a good walk with off lead play, two shorter walks (or more)or if time is an issue think about a long play session of fetch, tug of war , or other off lead exercise.

2.    Mental Stimulation
This can include training of any sort – obedience, clicker training, agility etc.  There si no need to have expensive materials use things in your backyard for fun agility or get a hula hoop from your local two dollar shop and teach your dog to jump through.  Have uneven surface for him to run over and planks or wood or boxes to climb on or sit on and make a small but fun circuit.

3.    Socialisation
All dogs need to be well socialised as lack of good, ongoing is the number one reason dogs are euthanased. Keep introducing your dog to new people, children, situations, sounds and other dogs of all sizes. 

4.    Predatory Games
Dogs naturally have predatory instincts so instead of feeding your dog in a bowl ask him to work for it.  Give him his food in a Kong or a treat ball or just put some food in an ice-cream container and see if he can get it out.  Start with the lid a tiny bit open to encourage him. Throw his kibble on the grass so your dog has to search for the pieces to eat. Be constructive and make it fun your dog will love you for it


1.    Your dog must work for many good things in life

2.    Pushy demanding behaviour is totally ignored

3.    Ask for the good behaviour only once

4     Use the same command every time.

5    Everyone on the household must cooperate.

6    Be patient especially in the beginning.