Yes or No! What Works Best?

I recently had a Facebook post from a friend and she put a challenge out to all her dog loving friends and owners.  I think it is excellent and challenge you all to try this.

Every time you find yourself saying "NO" to your dog try instead to think of a cue you could use that tells them what you DO want them to do. Many of us spend a lot of time telling our dogs "NO," and while this may stop them from doing a particular behaviour at the time, it gives them no feedback or direction, and makes it unlikely they will make a better choice in the future. Using a specific cue that tells your dog "please stop doing THAT, and do THIS instead" gives them guidance and feedback, and if used consistently will actually successfully shape their behaviour, and make them less likely to do the unwanted behaviour in the future.  Which of course  leads to a happier home and a happier dog!

So instead of NO - try "leave it" "wait" "off" "drop it" "this way" or "come"? If it turns out your dog doesn't actually know a cue that could be used more constructively than NO, then do your dog a favour and take some time to teach it! You may find yourself surprised at the good choices your dog will learn to make as a result!

And remember we call our dogs ‘man’s best friend” so why wouldn’t we want to do the very best we can for our special friend.