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With over 25 years dog training experience I use effective, science based positive reinforcement methods. If you need help with your puppy or dog... You have come to the right place!

Your New Puppy


When you first get your new puppy and bring her home all you want to do is care for her and cuddle her and those are really important for bonding and to teach her you care and are her protector and provider.  But it is also the time to start your gentle training. Puppies learn the most from birth to 16 weeks ... it is at this time that they really soak in all the information they can and this sets them up to be the dog they will be in a few months and a few years time.  Socialising your puppy is VITAL so take them out with you in the car, introduce them to children, older people, hats umbrellas, bikes and skateboards, vacuum cleaners and noises.  Take a little care during the 8 -9 week period though as this is a fear imprinting period and any really big fright at this time can be lasting.  Also be aware not to put your down on public land where other dogs may have defecated to avoid Parvo virus,  If you have friends with dogs though big or small and you know they have been vaccinated take your puppy to their home or have them visit for some dog socialisation.  the more the better. And if you are unsure give me a call I will happily answer your query.

Dog Articles & Info

Be a considerate dog walker. When walking your dog check out the local tracks in the area to see whether your dog needs to be on or off lead for the duration of the walk.  Always make sure you have plenty of bags to pick up after your dog and keep them within calling distance of you so you know they are not annoying  other people or dogs.  I teach my dogs to check in regularly when they are young by often hiding behind a tree or scrub then giving them a small treat when they return to find me. This way they tend to always keep an eye on me or check in with me regularly.

Give it a try! 

Fun & games

I am now running some nosework classes and to date they have been very popular ... both with dogs and their handlers telling me how much they are enjoying them.  We start ou.r Next steps class shortly and have another set of Nosework foundations before the end of the year.  In the new year I will run some other classes as well to help with some common behaviour issues  Watch out here for ideas that may be of interest to you and give you some solutions to enjoy time with your best friend - your dog. Training  your dog or doing any activities where they have to think and make choices stimulates their brain and keeps them from being bored as well as tiring them out.  Thinking exercises for dogs can be as physically exhausting as exercise so include your older dogs as well as energetic young ones in some training.  Let me know what you like me to include to help you with your dog.